Theology matters

Whilst we welcome Christians from all denominations and Theological positions, as a leadership, we are not ashamed of teaching what we believe to be sound doctrine. For the most part, our Theology could be described as Wesleyan Arminian.

We subscribe to the Five Articles of Remonstration of 1610. Check out the five articles.

On the question of Israel, we are neither Pro-Zionist, nor Replacementist; but believe that a remnant shall be saved, yet that only through faith in Christ. (Romans 9:6-7 KJV) Play our YouTube sermon on the right for further detail.

We reject the Dispensationalist interpretation of Scripture (particularly concerning the book of Revelation) but rather hold to the Historical, Traditional view taught by the likes of John Wesley, Matthew Henry and John Gill. Check out Wesley's Explanatory Notes for the book of Revelation.

We also believe the Bible teaches that men and women have different roles within the church, regarding authority, teaching and participation. (1 Timothy 2:12, 1 Corinthians 14:34 KJV) Play our YouTube study on the right for further detail.

It is our intention to be faithful to God’s word, whatever that may require of us, simply out of our love for Him.

For more information, check out our Statement of Faith.